Riverwind Casino Events Is Back With A Bang

By | 02/13/2020

riverwind casino events

Riverwind Casino Events Is Back With A Bang

One of the most anticipated casino events to happen on the Vegas strip during the past few years has been the Riverwind Casino’s Hollywood Nights. From the get go, Riverwind tried to be different from the competition by offering an innovative concept that included a 4-hour long late night concert, and a kid’s party after the show.

However, it was the New Age Concert that caught the attention of visitors and guests the most. Starring rock legends like Otis Redding, Link Wray, The Commodores, Roy Orbison, Bob Seger, Neil Young, and more, the event featured some of the greatest musicians in the world in a completely unique venue. It also attracted many of the locals and visitors on a nightly basis.

After the success of the New Age Concert and many concerts that followed, Riverwind decided to hold its Summer Season on the Vegas Strip. This year they have completely revamped their entire casino experience, which includes the new casino environment. Now guests can enjoy an evening meal at the hotel’s restaurant, a night in the casino, or even a concert at a special VIP Lounge located in the VIP area of the hotel.

In addition to these new amenities, Riverwind is adding a second casino, the LA Riverfront Resort, to the mix. This facility offers entertainment venues for both adults and children of all ages and is located right next door to the casino.

While the LRA is a bit farther away from the casino, the casino guests can still enjoy the LRA Lounge with its unique dining, interactive gaming area, and even live music. Guests will find the right fit in the new package, so don’t forget to ask about the LRA Lounge when you book your upcoming casino event at Riverwind.

Riverwind has made some pretty significant changes to their entire Vegas Strip experience. They have taken into consideration both the customer and the resort and have created a new package that allows visitors to enjoy everything from the newest entertainment to the old. With the opportunity to relive old memories, as well as to fulfill the all time fantasies of Las Vegas, Riverwind Casino Events is sure to meet your every expectation.

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