An Overview of the Riverwind Casino Oklahoma

By | 05/20/2020

The Riverwind Casino is a brand new hotel and entertainment center situated in the heart of the Norman and Oklahoma City areas. With a fantastic location in the middle of all the action, the newly built casino is a perfect venue for entertainment and shopping. Located right in the center of the Oklahoma City, Riverwind Casino offers a great recreational facility and convenient services.

riverwind casino oklahoma

The casino guests can enjoy some of the finest restaurants in the world. One of them is the award winning Wolfgang Puck’s Restaurant. The restaurant specializes in Mexican cuisine and serves a variety of appetizers, desserts and beverages like horchata, sangria, beer and wine. The restaurant has an outdoor and indoor bar area where guests can relax and enjoy their meal.

The other restaurants, which are a popular among casino guests are the Finger Lickin’ Dan’s, Boomers, Biscuit Cafe, Beggars and Bleecker, Butterfly Hospitality, Chickie’s and Pete’s. These restaurants serve food that is delicious and authentic. Moreover, they provide additional entertainment which makes them a popular choice for casino guests.

Apart from restaurants, casino guests can also enjoy live entertainment at the casino. For those who have an appetite for fine dining, the Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant serves its customers a wide variety of food. The menu includes a selection of house-made chocolates, cheeses, cakes, appetizers, pizza, pasta, salads, sandwiches, salads, chicken, and steak as well as other standard fare. Meanwhile, the other restaurants offer non-alcoholic beverages like bottled water, soda and juice.

Aside, from fine dining, casino guests can also enjoy a wide selection of shopping at the Riverwind Casino. As it is located close to various shopping centers, the casino guests can visit the nearby shopping malls for shopping and relaxation. All the shops have plenty of outlets so you can choose whichever one fits your budget.

The casino also provides a local hangout for guests to unwind. The rooftop bar offers great views of the river and city and offers a live DJ to entertain guests.

The Riverwind Casino also provides a health club for its guests. You can avail a personal trainer to help you lose weight or stretch your muscles. In addition, there is a spa where you can detox yourself and experience the relaxing massage therapy.

Finally, the Riverwind Casino also provides some nice locations for eating and shopping. For foodies, the Wolfgang Puck’s Restaurant is only a stone’s throw away and near the casino visitors can visit the upscale Country Kitchen for a taste of the American cuisine.